Selling Car process tips: Tips for you  - Sell and buy cars advises 

1. Make sure your car is clean and ready to sparkle when you are ready to sell - no-one wants to buy a dirty or scruffy car!


2. Make the time to take some great photographs

- the better the picture, the more views you will attract

-take photos from different angles and avoid using dark images

- the more images you upload the better

3.List accurate information about your car

- The car make and model

- including the engine size and body style

- The year and registration

- include its history – how many owners has the vehicle had

- the duration of road tax and MOT left and if the service history is available

- include any details of extra equipment, such as air-con, alloy wheels, sat-nav

4. Make sure you ask for a reasonable price

- research similar vehicles, with similar mileage and year of make



Our recommendation is to use a safe and secure online banking method such as PayPal

It allows you to transfer funds online, but it can take a few days, so don't release the car until the bank tells you the funds have been successfully transferred.


It's easy to be daunted by the various bits of paperwork that accompany your car, but read these simply pointers and it will seem easy

Once the deal has been sealed, you'll need to write a receipt acknowledging the following information:


·         The date

·         The amount paid

·         The make and model of car sold

·         The car's registration

·         The names and addresses of buyer and seller

Make two copies of the receipt; one for you and one for the buyer. The most important thing for you to do next is to fill out the tear-off portion of your car's registration document (V5C) and post it to the DVLA; give the top part of the V5C to the new owner. Telling the DVLA that the car has a new owner means you won't be liable for any fines racked up after the sale.


Once payment has been made and the car and keys are being handed over, don’t forget the other relevant documentation that must stay with the car

·     The car's handbook and service records

·     The MOT certificate (if it's over three years old)

·     Any paperwork that relates to the car's warranty, if it still has one

























































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